Husband’s surprise 30th birthday: ‘5 senses’ theme!

It had taken me two weeks to plan and left me broke for the next month but once it was all said and done I have to say, it was worth it!

My husband was turning 30 and he wasn’t too happy about it. Months of constant reminders and feeling down I decided enough was enough. He hadn’t had a decent birthday party in YEARS so I splashed out and threw him a surprise party that he’ll never forget.

My mission started on Pinterest (as usual), trying to find a fun and exciting way to celebrate a loved ones birthday and after a couple of hours of research I had my heart set on the ‘senses’ idea. This is where each present represents one of our five senses so in total your loved one receives 5 presents … (lucky I know!)

After digging and being nosy,I went through loads of people’s examples list’s and it became clear that not each present had to be pricey, it all depends on your budget, usually something that brings back happy memories or things that mean something to them. But me being me, I decided that the present had to have that quality factor as well as sentimental!

First task:Colour theme

I LOVEdeciding on the colour theme, do not get me started!
Despite this one being easy to decide, with it being his golden 30th birthday it was a no-brainer that gold had to be incorporated. I initially wanted the partnering colour to be black so I ran through many theme images for black and gold party themes and just when my heart was set on it, task 2 came along and changed the game…

Second task: Stationary

Since gold is like my favourite colour ever! I had already had most of the Gold stationary sorted: Gold pen (for the card), gold Marker (for the sign and tags) & gold ribbon (for wrapping the presents). I stepped into tesco, walked straight to the gift aisle and there it was, my eyes landed on a white & gold wrapping paper with a white and gold gift bag to match and white glitter gift tags that glistened like snow!
Instantly my theme was decided for me!: White & Gold , what a magical combo!

I quickly snapped all there up (especially since there was a 3 for 2 offer on all of them, winning!) and left the shop to get wrapping.

Third task:Ordering & wrapping gifts

The ‘ordering’ part of this task technically started before ‘Task 1′ because I didn’t wanna stress over delivery complications, things being out of stock or simply not being satisfied with the product and having to return it and decide on something else…type dramas ūüôā so I left plenty of room for all of that. Each gift has a story behind it because my soul is one that loves a good ol’ meaningful gift. So Here is a list of all gifts including an extra something…

Card:Store: Moon Pig                                                                                Website:
Card, card, what card should I buy? Masculine, funny , cute…so many questions!
And as I sat there baffled suddenly the jingle from the telly popped in my head: mooooooooooonpig dot com!…
So i quickly googled it and there it was… a card site full of cards with such a variety for you to choose from most of them held my favourite option: to personalise
As I scrolled through about 10 pages of cards full of birthday cards for men, I finally found the perfect one!


Touch: Ted Baker Wallet
Store: House of Fraser (HoF)                                              website:

Initially the idea for touch was a scarf and hat (preferably Ralph Lauren or ted baker) however my husband is known for ‘misplacing’ his scarves and hats so I wasn’t about to spend a total of just under ¬£100 on something that will be ‘misplaced’ in about a month, nah…not gonna happen

So on to plan B, a wallet…
My husband literally has loose coins raining from his pockets with every step he takes. You’ll find coins in the sofa cracks, on the floor, in the draws, on the bed… (not that I’m complaining since I help him ‘misplace’them into my purse!)but I though let me help him out and find a wallet that does all: holds cards, notes and most importantly… COINS!

I decided on ted baker since a bought my husband a ted baker messenger bag a few years ago to congratulate him on landing his first officially job as a teacher and needless to say, we were both extremely happy with the product and the level of quality behind it so I became obsessed with Ted.

I did my research on, yup you guessed it… google … and as I found most of the wallets to be around the ¬£70 mark I accidentally stumbled across Hof and remembered that they store Ted products and low and behold: a dark brown, leather Ted Baker wallet with compartments for cards, notes and most importantly…COINS was staring me in the face but my eyes were more focused on the red writing next to it that said SALE! Talk about timing…so yes I hit that order button with hesitation and we couldn’t be any happier with the choice…

Smell: Premium Beard Oil 50ml
Store: Percy Nobleman                                                                   website:

Now, the most obvious one for this option would have been perfume but I do not do obvious and I do learn from my mistakes. Many years ago, pre – marriage, I bought my husband (then fiance), a 100ml bottle of the infamous Paco Rabanne Eau de Toilette for him which till this day remains kinda untouched so like I said… I learn from my mistakes…

I confirmed that his beard was longer than an inch and googled the best beard oils in town! That’s when I came across Good Ol’ Percy Nobleman’s Premium Beard Oil which was voted number 1 by the Independent 2015…well, that was good enough for me. Now you’re probably thinking: ‘Beard oil is more of a touch present right?’ and you wouldn’t be wrong, it can be a touch present but this particular product had a beautiful scent made up of a luxurious woody, masculine sweet vanilla aroma so really it could fit under the smell category too!

After reading the review, I placed one in my online cart and proceeded to the checkout where it asked if I had a discount code. Now of course I didn’t but I do love to try my luck! I went on to google ‘Percy Nobleman product codes’ where I found one, entered it and was given a lovely 30% off! …I was so pleased, even more pleased with the products packaging. Yes, it arrived in a neatly folded and simple cardboard box but the little touches of perfume and beard wash samples made me just that little more happier…

Taste:A gift bag full of his favourites treats!

So, remember I mentioned the gold & white gift bag in Task 2, well this is where it comes in…

My husband is a fairly simple and predictable man who has certain faves when it comes to treats, this was too easy…

The bag included:
-Cadbury’s Marvelous creations sharing bar (jelly beans, popping candy & chocolate shells)
-A cute box of Cake Rusks
-A bag of Haribo Cola’s (fizzy)
-A big box of Haribo strabs


*** … not much sharing happened BTW …***

Sound:watch strap
Store: Watch Batteries                                                           Website:

Okay so this one requires you to think outside of the box. My brother bought my husband a weekender strap Timex watch as a thank you present a few years ago and my husband, of course, ‘misplaced’ the watch strap somehow and has not worn the watch since. The Timex dial was looking so sad and lonely sitting in the original box so I ordered a watch strap, light brown and leather to match any occasion. When it arrived I was so happy with the product. Exactly as the website described it to be, I removed it from the packaging adjusted it to the dial and wah la! a brand new-ish Timex watch (placed back in it’s original box)!
Sound sense hint: tick tock…

Sight: Lovebook
Store: Love Book Online                                                   Website:

This present, although required a couple of hours over a few days hard work but totally worth it!
Since it took a while to put together, there was no time in ‘delivery time world’ so I did lose out on ordering the hardback version (which was my first choice) but the soft cover version was just as good! This site allows you to have total and utter freedom when writing the content in telling whatever story you want to along with personalising the characters in the book making it a great personal touch for any loved one.It is quite pricey but such a great thought for any occasion, your loved one will love it guaranteed! I chose to write the great story of our relationship from friendship leading up to marriage and few pages touching on our future…

Extra present:Personalised photo cufflinks
Store: Not on the high street                                        Website:
Seller: Seahorse

This one was definitely a sentimental one. I originally ordered these for my husband to wear on our wedding day. Each cufflink held the precious photos of my mother & father in law’s wedding photos. One had them wearing the white dress and suit while the other held the photo of them in traditional wedding outfits. I wanted him to have these t remind him that even though his parents are sadly no longer with us they will always be by his side, each side. Unfortunately a few months ago, there was a break in at the house we stayed in and the heartless monsters stole them. He was understandably devastated but tried not to show it. He kept the engraved wooden box in a safe place. So, to add an extra glow to his smile that I imagine him having after the surprise, I decided to re-order them and repackage them in the same box. Quick delivery, lovely people and beautiful product…it was no contest…

Fourth task:Wrapping gifts, creating sign/ gift tags & card messages

Before picking up the gifts from my parents house, they each blessed the birthday card with their very own personal messages for my husband to match my own that was already printed on it.

After plenty of trips back and forth from my parents house, I finally received all the orders and and it was time to bring the rest out of hiding from the trunk of my car, finally ready to be wrapped.

Once all gifts were nicely wrapped by yours truly it was time to whip out the gold marker and create the sign & gift tags. The sign was a last minute addition so I improvised and cut out a large rectangular shape out of a cardboard box laying around in the kitchen and created a sign to match the theme:


Fifth task:Pick up cake and balloons!
Cake: Edward’s bakery Website:

The cake shop is one with history. When we were kids we both lived in the same area and both families would often visit this bakery ( plus their stuff is to die for!)

So excited I couldn’t sleep! Understandably I was up early on the morning of the big day. It was a good thing too, since I had to pick up the 34 inch gold foil number balloons at 10am and the 9 inch, square, fresh fruit, fresh cream cake (with a personalised icing plaque) at 10:30am:


After collecting both items, I rushed home. Luckily I had some time to spare since he works Saturday mornings but time flies when you got a lot to do!

The table was set:
Bottle of non-alcoholic fizz to mark the occasion, standard ūüėČ
‘I’m 30’ badge
Confetti push pop: for that special surprise element
Birthday cake… mmm

I even managed to sort out dinner before he arrived, to be fair I did send him on a detour to give me that crucial time to get ready and look my best (needless to say, I really didn’t need that long ;p )

Sixth task:SURPRISE!!!

6 o’clock. Music was set, table was ready and camera phone was on stand by…
The moment he walked through the door, between the confetti and the phone that wasn’t so subtly placed he was definitely surprised! The evening was spent opening his presents, laughs,tears,chicken wraps and cake with tea to finish.

Luckily, since it was the 4th of November, there we stood, on a green patch of land on a cold winter’s night with each other’s warmth watching a stunning display of fireworks at Wembley stadium,

And I gotta say, what a night!

Happy 30th Birthday baby, hope we spend many more together xxx

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