M&S Peruna coat

Every Autumn of every year I always forget to invest time into the one thing that is essential for survival during the cold weather: A coat.

Around this time of year both my mum and (most recently) my husband constantly nag me at me to get a coat but for some reason I always hold out on the researching and purchasing drama. If I ever do get round to it then it’s dealing with the let down of finding a suitable one that tickled my fancy to then deal with the let down of finding out that my size is out of stock, which was somewhat comforting to know that bigger sizes were in fashion!

This year, 2017, I thought to myself:

‘Right, it’s that time of year, you always struggle with getting ill and taking sick days without pay, get on that internet and make it happen girl!’

And so that’s exactly what I did. As I’ve gotten older I now find myself shopping at the more reliable brands, ones that will cost more but last longer. I logged onto the Marks and Spencers website (M&S to most or Marks & sparks to us Londoners) and started my hunt for a new coat. Browsing through each page I finally found the one with my size in stock (yes I failed at my New Years resolution of getting to a smaller size) and with it costing just £79, I set my heart on it. I wasted no time in getting it ordered and waited anxiously for my delivery.

Delivery was fast and reliable, I ordered it on a Monday and it arrived later that week on a Friday.

FullSizeRender - Copy

My husband came back from work holding the M&S delivery bag and handed it over to me. I excitedly ripped the black M&S branded coat bag apart, which made me realise that I actually don’t get presents that often.

(NB: remind my husband to get me more presents!)

Anyway, once I got through all of the packaging, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to say the least!

The black colour with gold buttons/zips, the velvet like material and the addition of the drawstring option and hood meant that it was a coat to be worn on many occasions. It gave it that casual old school look yet classy look for those romantic evening’s out.

I was happy to learn that it also came with 2 side zip pockets which I so desperately needed as I realised that I carry a lot of things in my hands unnecessarily. The illusion of 2 flap pockets that lead to nowhere at the bottom of the zipped pockets were a tad bit frustrating (as they too would have been useful) but overall added to the suave look.

As soon as my eyes met the gold chain resting on top of the ‘Peruna’ sign and the inner quilted lining, it was simple, I had fallen in love. 

What can I say? I’m a sucker for all things gold.

I’ve been wearing it all week and I’m over the moon with my purchase! It keeps me super warm at just the right temperature and the soft velvet like material along with the hood makes me feel snugly adding to the overall comfort.


P.S. You will get endless amounts of compliments!

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