Fat shamed by you? 

If you really cared about that woman,
I mean really cared about that woman,
Don’t ever tell her ‘I’m not happy with you’re size, I’m just being honest’,
Especially when morbid obesity is not the case, keep your honesty to yourself.

Were you never taught: If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

Do you think she enjoys wearing the same oversized black Abaya day after day , uh no.
People assume she wears it to be modest,
But she can’t fit into anything else at the moment , that’s just being honest.
I’m sure she would love to wear an array of beautiful colours,
Just like that woman you have your eye on walking down the street,but hold on…

Your woman is standing right next to you.

I’m sure she would love to buy everything in that shop window,
If she was like, a uk size 4.
So she’s stopped going to shops all together,

Unless she’s just buying bags,scarves & ordering things to her front door.

You see, she gets battered left right and center by societies standards,
Feeling pressured each time she opens up the TV, internet or magazines,
Met by images who look nothing like her.

So while her self esteem crashes and falls,
Why don’t you try being her loving partner,
Through health and sickness, big or small.
So do her a favour and make her feel loved and beautiful as you did once before,
If you’re a true man then you should understand,
That a true woman doesn’t depend on the size of her body but the size of her heart,

And that true love comes with a helping hand.

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