Siam Thai Spa

It was the week before my wedding

My sister had been raving about this massage parlour for ages ‘They’re so good’ she used to say, ‘they even step on your back and massage it using their feet!’

It was probably meant to entice me however it did the opposite.

Cutting a long story short, I’ve booked my sixth appointment later this week since then so yup… you’ve guessed it, it was AMAZING!

It’s a real pearl hiding in plain sight being drowned out by the surrounding of Cricklewood High Street, London.


It’s turned into a monthly ‘me time’ ritual where each month is different. Sometimes it happens to be a cheeky mid week treat and other months it might be my own little ‘end of the week’ celebration, either way the fact that they offer booked / walk in appointments and that it closes at 10 pm leaves my options wide open.


Being a working woman and a wife I have to say this hidden gem is definitely worth it! Do it alone or take a friend the decision is yours with the spa offering a twin bedroom or single rooms decorated with a lovely yet meaningful quote:


Each room offers you a lovely welcome from the warm heat of lit candles to the low soft music which is always set at the right volume.


Once your undressed and ready, the aromas of traditional oils penetrating your skin will have you snoozing before she ask’s “are you comfortable?”

Uh HELL YEAH, you got a girl snoring over here! I would say in my head…

They offer short and sweet 30 minute massages to 3 hour massage packages including body scrubs & facials but I have to say the 60 minute traditional Thai massage does the job and then some! Plus at the reasonable price of £45, I’d say it is truly a bargain.

FullSizeRender (2)

And just when you thought it was over: ‘Would you like some traditional Thai tea?’

WOULD I? …*ahem* I mean ‘Yes please, that sounds lovely’ I would always reply.

After all is finished, they ask you to take a seat at the front of the shop which is nicely decorated with traditional ornaments and throws:


A place where you enjoy a warm cup of Thai tea before being given a sweet send off, just as sweet as the welcome.

If you are ever around the Cricklewood area in London (NW2 postcode) and are in need of that much needed pampering session I strongly recommend you visit Siam Thai Spa..It will definitely be worth it!

Caution: You might skip a few red lights on the way home.

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